🟩 DefineMasterRecord

Define master record according to selected parameters

public bool DefineMasterRecord(DataTable matchResult, MatchParameter lastMatchingParameters, MasterRecordSettings settings)


matchResultDataTableDatatable with matching result. It should be same table that was returned by the MatchData function.
lastMatchingParametersMatchParametermatching parameters
settingsMasterRecordSettingsMaster record settings


True if master record definition was successful

“Meet all” or “Meet any” allows you to control whether ALL rules are to be satisfied for the record to be considered a Master, or whether a record can be considered as a Master if ANY of the Rules are satisfied

“Define master record in any case” will revert control to the “Additional options” settings in situations where none of the Rules are met. I.e. if no Rules are met, then set the Master record based upon the MOST POPULATED or MOST RELEVANT record in a Group

The Rules themselves are configured by adding rows into the table. You simply select the “Column name” you want the Rule to be based on, check “Not” if you want the Rule to be negated, select the “Type” from the drop-down, and where necessary, enter a value in the final cell. Available Types are:
Equals (needs a Value)
Contains (needs a Value)
Greater than (needs a Value)

Rules can be removed by using the red "X" at the end of each row

The Additional Options Pane:

The “MOST POPULATED” option will use a record in the Group that has the most of its fields filled in as the Master. You can select which data source you want the system to consider

Selecting the "MOST RELEVANT" option will automatically select the Master Records which the software believes is the most accurate. WinPure uses a series of algorithms to calculate the most relevant Master Records within each duplicate group by analyzing the most common variations and counts to decide on what it believes is the most relevant.

Clicking Execute will start the process.

Once your configuration is set, use the “Execute” button to start the assignment of the Master Records

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