Define master record definition settings


RecordTypeenumDefine the rule how master record would be defined


MostPopulatedByTable = 1
Get the record which has data in most amount of fields as master record

MostRelevant = 2
Get record which matched with all other records in the group with higher average rate as master record

* ClearAll = 3 Remove all master record marks from data set
PreferredTablestringIf two records have similar equality rate then select the record from preferred table as master record.
ApplyOptionsIfRuleGiveNothingboolShould we define the master record with the RecordType option if the master record can not be defined with rules.
IsAllRulesboolIf all rules should be applied or some of the rules

True then all rules joined with logic and

False all rules joined with logic or**
OnlyThisTableboolIf True we have to define master records only from the records in the Preferred table.
publicRulesList<MasterRecordRule>define list of rules for definition of master records
MasterRecordRuleTypeenum IsEmpty—if field should be null or empty

IsEqual—If field should be equal to value

IsContains—if field should contain value

IsMaximum—Get the record with maximal value in the field (Date or numeric fields)

IsMinimum—Get the record with minimal value in the field (Date or numeric fields)

IsLongest—Get the record with longest value in the field (string field)

IsShortest—Get the record with shortest value in the field (string field)

GreaterThan— Get the record where field greater then value (Date or numeric fields)