Getting Started: Console App

WinPure API is a component written by WinPure and can be used to add advanced data cleansing and state of the art fuzzy duplicate search into your own custom applications and websites. It is the same core data engine which delivers advanced data cleaning and intelligent fuzzy matching of contact data within WinPure’s award-winning WinPure Clean & Match Software Suite. The component provides a compact and efficient solution to the problems of data quality and duplication on any Windows based system, and can also be containerized so to work on other operating systems such as Linux.

To get started with WinPure API we have created a simple console app which highlights some of its features.

We provide these instructions:


  • The WinPure API package is a Nuget located here, but it's not necessary to download it. Visual Studio will do that.
  • You can run the sample code below with a Demo license, which is built into the code. So there's no need to obtain a full license just to try it out.
  • Sample code is here.
  • Visual Studio

Sample Program Overview

This program shows how to use most of WinPure's API functions, including cleaning, matching and address verification.

You don't need to write any code or download anything other than the sample app (see below). It includes a sample database that is uses as input.

The application does not show the cleaned data. You could modify the code as an exercise if you want to see that. Instead if just shows the basic process of setting up options and then running the data cleansing process. Note that you can browse the input data with a SQLite browser to help understand the code better.

Click below to go to Open Sample in Visual Studio.